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Since shortly after our favorite astrologer from Mexico, Missouri started posting and I realized she was a real diamond I have been cutting and copying her posts to WEBTV Newsgroup news:alt.discuss.mygrandchild into an webpage. I have linked pictures relevant to her topics into the text. The only editting I have done is to separate the run on words and respell those word errors caused by her only being able to use one hand. Like spelling and as snd. I started out to build a tribute to her perserverance and pluck and gritty outlook on life. We were fortunate to have our Donna for 39 chapters before her unexpected death.

I printed a copy of the first 10 chapters and all of the Branson grannies signed it and Mary Lynn and Judy with their husbands Lonnie and Larry took it to her. The hard copy cover page shows the web-address so she can read the web version which is way better than the printed version. Our resident expert photographer (Mary Lynn Lee) created the picture for the frontispiece and Glo, unknowingly, furnished pictures of her in her youth.

The photos in the "Family History Album" are digital pictures of photographs Donna had in an album in her home in Mexico, Missouri. The digital pictures were made by Mary Lynn and/or Judy during their visit after the Branson reunion in September 2000.