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Chapter 2

Apr 24, 2000
books were my companions long years before the computer was a thought in some ones mind i read early and avidly and you don't have to wonder what to do next just turn the pages then wait for the next book in the series to come out or in my case wait for my birthday and christmas because that was when i would get the next book in the series in my case the bobsey twins that was in the early 30's they were hardback and each book was fifty one cents and they weren't the only ones do any of you remember the ones called the big little books they were about three inches square and about two inches thick i had alley oop and dinny ozma the princess of oz then i had other regular sized books Alice in Wonderland and Tom SAWYER then the school had a library in one room my favorite book out of it was Hitty her first hundred years about a little doll carved out of wood then there was the regular library and it had a lot more books of course there was a series about twins there was the french twins the English twins the German twins the Swiss twins the Dutch twins a set of twins from about every country and of course i had Heidi Gullavers Travels you think of a book from that era and i probably either had it or read it

Apr 25, 2000
Pawn Shops
i'v never been in a pawn shop but when we moved to misouri we sold a lot of our household furnishings including some i didn't want to i had a chest to keep dishes and things in it had a curved glass front with leaded glass in it about four shelves i really liked it i forget what the real name of the things are my mother called it the monstrosity so thats what i remember it as she said you have to sell that thing you just can't take it into a new house so i agreed to let it go in the sale also my piano i thought it was a nice piano after i got out of school and started to work i had saved $5 a week till i could go to the music store and buy it it was second hand a reconditioned player and had a really nice tone it was what i think they call a baby grand i had finally paid about $300 for it but it was second hand and i had had it about 14 years when we moved i did hate to leave it but she said you really shouldn't take it it's a new house and you need new things to go into i had just learned to play chords i never did get another piano my mother and i were so different for her things had to be just exactly so when i was two and they built the house i grew up in i remember sitting in my high chair and watching them paint the walls the walls were plastered but sandy they put blue and red splashes all over them i remember thinking how pretty then the next day they came in and put yellow paint over eveything i was so dissapointed but the red and blue showd through i learned later it was a fashion popular at the time it was called tiffany my grandfather was a professional painter and when my folks were married he taught my dad i remember a lot of times they would go out on a painting job my father worked for the railroad and my grandfather was head painter in one of the big office building down town but i think they made quite a bit of money with their extra painting jobs there was not a bit of paint on that house inside or not that my father didn't put there some once told me years later that yellow is the most transparent paint there is thats why the yellow and bue showed through i told my mother once later how dissapointed i had been when they covered those pretty splashes of red and blue of course by that time i was old enough to know why no adult least of all my mother would have lived with walls with red and blue spots but at two and a half i thought they were really beautiful over the years she had them pink and green but not tiffany by then it was out of style i always resisted the change but i have always hated any kind of a change even now when i first came here there was wallpaper on the lower half of the walls with pretty pink flowers one day they came in and said we are going to take the wallpaper off and paint the walls ivory i said but why i like the wallpaper they said but donna it's so ragged and its dirty we want all the rooms looking nice before the state inspecters come so now i have ivory walls and they are nice once i got used to the change what color are your walls? and do you chnge them often? any red and blue splashes out there

Apr 25, 2000
every day as soon as i get back from breakfast i read answer or discard my mail usually after breakfast i can sit here till 12 when i have to go out for dinner but in a way i'm luckier than most of you i also get a recipe a day i try to copy it down i don't know why i know i'll never be able to make them i showed it once to the girl who was the head of our kitchen she said thats nice donna but there's no way we are going to serve 150 people with it they told me once i could have 150 addresses but i don't know how much the mailbox or saved mail will hold they told me i could use other i tried it but couldn't remember the pass words i had given them

Apr 25, 2000
i try to read answer save or discard i'm lucky in a way i have from after breakfast till they make me come out at noon for dinner i think the most i have had is 65 i didn't look at the number this morning i'm not being disloyal to the grannies but i do belong to two other ng's discuss astrology and history where the main topic of discussion is the civil war and recently how the people in north carolina feel about having to take down the stars and bars most of them even the yankees don't like it at all i'm neutral but i know i wouldn't like it if someone told me i had to take down the stars and stripes and there was a time in this country when someone might have demanded we fly the swastica or the rising sun and there may come a day when the martains or some one might displace us like we displaced the indian

Apr 26, 2000
Dandelions In Vases
i remember one time i got in bad trouble in school i had stopped along the way back from lunch to pick the teacher a big bunch of dandylions she didn't seem to appreciate the dandylions all she cared about was that i was late and i had to sit in the coat hall i didn't smell them because at that age i didn't realize there was such a thing i was born without a sense of smell and no one had told me yet there was such a thing i know it surprised my father when he found that out he told me if i smelled gas going through the kitchen to check the handles on the stove i told him i would but what did gas smell like he said here i'll show you he held my head down over one of the burners and said here then i said but dad what is a smell and to this day i haven't smelled anything which kind of upsets me in the stores at christmas with all the pretty perfume sets and pretty candles that are supposed to smell so good when i was little my mother wore a perfume called evening in paris it was blue with silver and the bottle and powder boxes she always had it and dad and i always got her some for christmas and her birthday i don't think they make it any more but i know if they did and i could smell it it would remind me of my mother

Apr 28, 2000
when i was first married i had a real pretty damask table cloth i also had a rubrum lily in the backyard thats like a tiger lily only it's petals are pink with deep rose spots i would take a couple of the blossoms i had two pretty crystal candle holder son our first aniversary our daughter was one month old she had the three month colic all through the dinner we had to take turns walking her but the only thing my husband cared about was was there enough food on the table

Apr 28, 2000
hello bill my son in law spent several years when he was little in the phillipines his father was retired air force i had a very good friend killed when his ship went down in Lynguyen gulf in 1944 in the first invasion of the phillipines i am 74 was 16 the year the war started if you click on the first url under my post you can read a little verse i wrote about him what is a treasure hunter what kind of treasure do you hunt and do you find much i am in missouri have a daughter and grandaughter who live in indianapolis indiana my daughter will be 50 july the 21and my grandaughter was 30 on new years day welcome to the group

Apr 28, 2000
hi jeri i got into the group kind of by acident i just got the web for christmas and it was featured at talk city when i first got in i didn't know how to get back but one of the grannies wrote and told me and i'm really glad i found them i was an lpn from 1963 to1991 then i had stroke that completely paralized my left side so i am in a nursing home in a wheel chair but i can still think talk and read and type with my right hand one finger so please excuse any typos i am 74 and have a daughter and grandaughter in indianapolis my daughter will be 50 july 21st and my grandaughter was 30 new years day my daughter comes whenever they have a three day weekend and they always come at christmas to take me to my son in laws sister in columbia missouri i'm in missouri do you remember the world series they called the i70 series when the st Louis Cardinals played the Kansas city royals well columbia is on interstate 70 too halfway between   St. Louis and Kansas city and i am about 50 miles northeast of columbia

Apr 29, 2000
Moving Day!
i remember the first time i moved well i guess i don't really remember the work i had been 6 in february in june of that year my grandmother and my great grandmother both died three days apart leaving my grandfather by himself he lived two blocks from us and i had been there often spent almost as much time there as i did in my own home well mom and dad said they would rent our house which was only four years old and go live with my grandfather that meant i would have to leave my school where i had just finished first grade the one street we had to cross put me in another school district well the day we were going to move finally came i don't remember them moving the furniture or personal effects but i remember dad coming in and dragging me out from under the bed where i had taken refuge i didn't like the idea of changing schools at all but once we got there i made good friends of two girls who lived across the alley i had a good girlfriend in my first school but she lived over a block away and i could seldom visit her when i was 12 a girl moved in down the block and i could visit when i was 9 my aunt and uncle who had lost their house the agreement was made that they would come and live with my grandfather for the rest of his life and they would get the house when he passed away so i finally got back to my own school for the fifth grade it was funny when i had been there before when i went upstairs and saw the desks in the sixth grade and seventh grade rooms i thought the desks were so big but when i got back they didn't seem big at all we only had seven grades in the grade school eight and ninth we went to the jr. high and our high school was three years when i started school the city was trying out a new experment mid year classes i started kinder garten in january the month before my fifth birthday we would go one semester have the summer off and then go into the second half of the grade we were in one disadvantage we would start i a book work in it that semester then when we came back in the fall they would have often changed the book that went on until i was a senior in high school when all of a suden the city decided for some reason it wasn't a good idea we were the last mid year class they told us if we wanted to we could come back and go to the prom with the september class and go to their graduation not many of the girls wanted to go to the prom it was 1944 and a lot of our boys were somewhere in the service we didn't care to come back to the graduation either so they mailed us our diplomas the first formal graduation i had was when i graduated from L.P.N. school in august of 63 i was 37 then but i still remember my dad dragging me out from under the bed on moving day oh another point of interest it was a four room house with a full basement and central heating four years old and the folks rented it for $25 a month try to get something like that now for that price

Apr 29, 2000
my husband was very particular about his clothes he went to town one day he was wearing a new pair of boxer shorts a new pair of suspenders he was crossing the street where two main streets intersect actually it is the one place in town where there is a red light in the middle he was right in the middle of the intersection when his suspenders let go leaving him standing there in his new boxer shorts he said there were two guy in a truck going into the lumber yard they were laughing a guy sitting there in a truck he was laughing i said well if you had been in the car and it happened to someone else wouldn't you laugh he said i guess so i said well anyway you had YOUR NEW SHORTS ON SO IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE he said yes i guess so i didn't laugh i knew better

May 1, 2000
after my grandmother died and we moved in with my grandfather every mothers day he would leave early to go to the florists he would bring back carnations to wear to church for my father
and white for himself and my mother
the red for me and dad because our mother's were still alive
i think i was about 14 when my dads mother died my own mother died in 1971 and my dad in1973 my youngest daughter died in1967 and my second husband in 1993 i don't know when it will be my turn

May 5, 2000
my mother told about when she and my uncles were growing up they lived two miles from the church they attended and on sunday morning my grandmother would give them two nickels they would walk to church one nickel was for the collection plate with the other they could either ride the street car home or walk and get an ice cream soda and you can guess how many times they took the street car she said it broke their hearts when ice cream sodas went up to ten cents did i mention my mother was born in 1900 one lady said once why didn't they just save both nickels i said ha you didn't know my grandmother she was a wonderful woman and a great mother and grandmother but she would have probably have had them stand up in front of the congregation and confess that they had stolen money from god

May 5, 2000
OH, OH!!!!!
i think i've told this one before my grandfather lived to be 98 for many years he lived with my aunt one of my fathers sisters one time she got really upset with him he was up on a ladder painting her cabinets she said he's 90 years old he doesn't have any business up on a ladder he did really well till that aunt died and he moved in with her twin sister after that he would forget once in a while where he was and think he was still back with phyllis my aunts were twins and were named phyllis and phoebe at that time he was 96 or 97 he died about 5 months after his ninety eighth birthday

May 5, 2000
the first audio book i ever heard i had heard advertised it was women are from venus men are from mars they were offering it free with four coupons it was fine except by the time i got it i got a catalogue there was a living language series i had always been very interested in languages in school got one year of spanish in high school and that wasn't nearly enough several years back i had called the high school in Columbia Missouri and asked them for the name of their first year latin book then i called the university book store and ordered it i worked on it the vocabulary wasn't hard but the grammar did throw me the audio sets were a course book with 40 lessons 2-90 minute cassette tapes that followed the lessons and a small dictionary with my coupons i got spanish french german and russian Russian was the most fascinating i had to learn a different alphabet i wore out three sets and worked on it right up till i got the web i wanted german because i had the video tape the parent trap it was taken from a book called can't think of the first word but it meant double lottchen i couldn't find the translation for that word but finally in another group i post to i met a girl who was born and raised in gemany she said that had been her favorite book when she was a girl she said lottchen was the deminuative for lottie she said the mothers name was teresalottie and when she had identical twin girls she named one of them teresa and one lottie the couple seperated when the girls were a year old each parent taking one girl of course that wasn't their names in the movie Haley Mills played both parts the girls met at camp when they were thirteen and decided to switch places of course in the end they got the parents back together when i get curious about something like that i can't let it go till i finally get the answer i'm nothing if not persistant when i was home i had the new testament on tape i had a radio with a casette player in the front but someone knocked it off the table and broke the cassette part will have to get me another one of these days for now i would like to thank barb again for being so patient

May 7, 2000 BRANSON one of the main shows in branson actually it is between branson and silver dollar city is the shepherd of the hills it is an outdoor play in an outdoor setting i'm sure any of you who read the book would enjoy it if i could want to come i would like to see it go through the cave again we also rode the duck out on the lake you board it on dry land then it drives out in the lake and the next thing you know you are afloat i would also want to see the lawrence welk show used to like the ozark opery it was on t.v. when we first moved to missouri but it was at the lake of the ozarks not branson we went down twice to see it live and once it was at the school in middletown about 5 miles south of where we lived another show i got to see in person my neighbor were selling tupperware and the woman who was head of the district arranged for us to go to a hotel in st.louis to see guy lombardo we were eating on a little balcony and she got him to come up and dance with all of us then after wards he came to our room and visited all night he was showing us the plans for a theater he was building on the east coast about four o'clock that morning he sent a bellhop out to get us all scrambled eggs and bacon i used to like to listen to him on new years even better than i liked to watch the ball drop

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