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My Blog--shattered manor

The Robertsons of Cement, OK Family History

Table of Contents my Dad's Award Book

Booklet self published by my old high school English teacher
He tried hard to destroy our love of literature and story telling.
It took decades to recover from his influence.

My Family and Early Memories

Wayne's Book Shelves.

Nurse's Storys

Long, humorous or thoughtful posts from Grannies newsgroup.

Recipe sites from the internet Page 1

Recipe sites from the internet Page 2

Vi and Vel Wander the Byways and Highways of New Jersey

Jokes from a Mature group of Internet Grannies

Events leading up to wedding of Misty and Shaun

Story of Leigh's Gift to Carolyn. A Trip to the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California

Grannie's Reunion in Gatlinburg, TN 2002

Granddaughter Kellie's School Project, "Flat Kellie"

Granddaughter Brooke's Poems

Collection of Grandchildren's art projects

Midi music web sites on the internet

Websites with help for html coding, website issues, and etc

Websites that contain a little of every thing

GIF collection sites across the Internet

Stover Family Reunion 2004 in Victoria

Web sites with line or divider selections